Workshop: Review and Technical Issues for Drug Substances


American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS)

Chinese Medicine Education Association (CMEA)


AAPS PPB International Outreach Committee

American Chinese Pharmaceutical Association (ACPA)

Beijing CANNY Consulting Inc. (BCC)

I. Target Audiences

Professionals from R&D, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs in pharmaceutical companies and research institutes; Professionals in the area of research and management from universities and regulatory organizations.

II. Objectives

Upon the completion of this workshop, the audiences should gain a good understanding and learn the best practices in the following areas:

At the end of the workshop, AAPS/CMEA certificates will be awarded to the participants upon successful evaluation.

III. Program content

IV. Speakers

Haitao Li, Ph.D.: CMC reviewer, FDA

Bingyan Wu, Ph.D.: CMC reviewer, FDA

Lian Yu, Ph.D.: Professor, University of Wisconsin ‒ Madison

Geoff G. Z. Zhang, Ph.D.: Senior Research Fellow, AbbVie

Huyi Zhang, Ph.D.: CMC reviewer, FDA

V. Time: Three days (May 24-26, 2013)

VI. Location: Hilton Hotel, 620 Perry Pkwy Gaithersburg, MD 20877